Raptor is a revolutionary platform in the realm of cloud cost management, distinguishing itself by redefining how these costs are managed. Acting as more than just a tool, Raptor serves as a cloud financial advisor, offering detailed billing data to optimise cloud usage​​.

About Raptor.

Raptor stands at the forefront of cloud cost management, redefining the approach to cloud financial oversight. More than a mere tool, Raptor emerges as your indispensable cloud financial advisor, offering comprehensive, detailed billing data essential for optimizing your cloud usage. At its core, Raptor is designed to transform complex cloud billing data into actionable insights, enabling smarter decision-making and efficient resource utilization.


Why Raptor

Why Raptor? For its unparalleled expertise in managing multi-cloud environments. It offers scalable, secure, and compliant cloud solutions, making it an ideal choice for industries where reliability and compliance are paramount, such as finance and healthcare.

Key Features

Data Ingestion Pipeline:

Raptor’s advanced ETL processes and secure data ingestion mechanism ensure that your billing data is not only rapidly captured but also transformed into a format ready for in-depth analysis.

Cost Dashboard Visualization:

With Raptor’s customizable dashboards, you gain a clear, insightful view of your spending. These interactive tools empower you to track, analyze, and predict your cloud expenses with precision

Knowledge Assistant:

Leveraging GenAI technology, Raptor’s assistant provides intelligent cost-saving recommendations and comparative insights, enabling you to make informed decisions across different cloud architectures.


ML Platform:

This is a pivotal feature of Raptor, representing a sophisticated ensemble of machine learning models coupled with advanced Generative AI capabilities. This cutting-edge platform is designed to enhance Raptor’s functionality in several key ways

Experience Immediate Value with The Raptor Service

Right from our initial interaction, our singular focus is to empower you with complete CONTROL and CLARITY over your cloud expenses, encompassing both historical data and current running costs.