Raptor is a cutting-edge software tool designed to simplify the process of working with PDF documents. It combines text extraction capabilities with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology, allowing users to interact with PDFs in a more intuitive and efficient manner.

About Raptor.

Raptor is an integrated software that allows a single point usage.  It allows anyone in your company to be able to become a data scientist as long as they understand how to utilize a spreadsheet.  As a single point solution, companies are able to easily integrate all of their platforms into one place and have smooth usability among multiple users.

The single point solution of Raptor includes data analysis, data engineering, and data science.  With a sophisticated and innovative tool like Raptor, companies are able to start using the licensing at an entry or enterprise level for a Return on Investment (ROI).

Tech Support.

For continuous emerging markets around the world, this tool will create a valuable ROI with very little hands on training and consultation.  It can be seamlessly deployed on Amazon and all the major cloud providers such as AWS and Microsoft.  Our company is able to provide 24/7 hours techical support depending on your licensing level.  Our tech support is skilled at helping beginner and advanced users navigate all of the software’s features.


So imagine being able to be your own data scientist.  How amazing would that be?  Pretty amazing.  The Raptor allows companies to create the greatest ROI and a streamlined beneficial relationship with Dimlang.

Cost Efficiency

As the global space expands, technology will continue to be vital for small businesses and large corporations to survive.  In order to make technology accessible for companies to have an efficient work flow, the cost of technology is important.  Raptor allows businesses to conduct in-house training for their teams.  A Raptor user does not have to worry about constant fees being associated with it.  Companies are able to create fiscal planning and know what their technology financial impact will be ahead of time.

Scalable Results Makes the Raptor a Clear Choice

There are many tools being sold in the marketspace.  Dimlang understands that you do not want to spend countless hours comparing tools.  Therefore, we made the choice clear and simple for you by creating a result oriented tool that scales your business.  You will see the results.

Quick Accessibility to Data

In order for companies to stay competitive, they have to be able to easily compute data.  Data is the way of the world.  It allows companies to create solutions for small and large scale problems.  Raptor allows companies to become a data mining institution and have answers at the tip of their fingers. 

Commitment to Green.

The Raptor is an innovative tool that shows the continuous commitment of Dimlang towards creating a green planet.  This revolutionary tool allows for valuable resources to be conserved.  Dimlang is committed to the continuous creation of innovative and adaptive tools for the working economy.