July 10, 2018

Blockchain Services

At Cirrusage, we believe decentralised ledger technologies will be the most important emerging technologies of the 21st century. Blockchain offers many industries the opportunity to re-imagine their current business processes and create a more secure, efficient and transparent alternative. With blockchain comes the opportunity to vastly improve current shared business processes, creating new ways of conducting asset transfer, provenance, auditing and compliance, and much more.

Cirrusage is helping clients use the blockchain to establish a secure immutable and shared source of truth. We are blockchain agnostic and are experienced working with many blockchain fabrics including the Bitcoin Blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Ripple. We are also experienced working with many blockchain development APIs, software frameworks, databases, and DevOps tools for testing and agile development. 

Industry Applications

Cirrusage has experience using blockchain to disrup the following industries:

Finance: Cirrusage is pioneering blockchain applications for remittances and compliance within financial institutions across international borders.

Logistics: Cirrusage is currently involved in creating the data architecture of the world’s first blockchain-powered logistics platform for the fisheries industry, using IOT and blockchain to provide fresh food products for the world’s consumers.

Healthcare: Cirrusage has built an enterprise-scale blockchain network in healthcare. By using distributed ledger technology, hospitals, physician practices and payers can longitudinally track the real-time status of claims submission and remittance through an Intelligent Healthcare Network.

Public Sector: Cirrusage uses blockchain solutions to help governments promote transparency, efficiency, control and security. Cirrusage is currently building a blockchain-powered tax system to combat fraudulent practices in developing nations.