July 10, 2018

Big Data Services

Predictive Analytics

The ability to predict future actions from past historical data has become a very important aspect of how companies analyse customer behaviour. With increasingly available volumes of data companies are able to optimise marketing campaigns, detect fraudulent activity, improve operations and reduce risk.

Cirrusage uses advanced analytics capabilities spanning ad-hoc statistical analysis, predictive modelling, data mining, text analytics, optimisation, real-time scoring and machine learning. These tools help organisations discover patterns in data and go beyond knowing what has happened to anticipating what is likely to happen next.

Political Analytics

We have worked on projects that involved developing databases of detailed information about citizens to inform electoral strategy and to guide tactical efforts. At Cirrusage we believe that the most valuable information a campaign team can have is the behaviours and direct responses provided by citizens themselves. We have experience developing models using this information to produce individual-level predictions about citizens’ likelihood of performing certain political behaviours.

At Cirrusage we have conducted extensive research in finding ways to utilise advanced analytics for political coalitions, corporations and charitable groups.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML can be used to significantly improve various areas of business intelligence, ranging from compliance and credit analytics to customer analytics and Financial modelling. Cirrusage can train AI models to perform a variety of business tasks.

Cirrusage can also help improve your company’s services by integrating intelligent bot services to reduce staff workload and offer a consistent interaction with customers.

Data Architecture

Cirrusage has consultants experienced in designing efficient data architectures utilising both on premise datasources and the public cloud to produce the most efficient data lakes in terms of cost and speed.