February 27, 2017


Blockchain. Using the cryptographic ledger (blockchain), Cirrusage implements solutions to help clients improve efficiency, reduce risk, and revolutionize their industries. Our team has experience building decentralised applications (dapps) on a variety of platforms such as Ethereum, BTC, etc.
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Big Data and Advanced Analytics. Cirrusage provides powerful predictive modeling capabilities to improve clients’ strategic decision making and identify revenue generating opportunities. Our ability to extract augmented intelligence from a variety of data sources allows our clients to gain strategic advantages in an increasingly competitive world.
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Cloud Solutions. We started Cirrusage knowing that cloud migration will be one of the most significant technological shifts many companies will face in the next decade. We partner with clients on discovery, breaking down requirements and designing custom solutions. Cirrusage’s cloud capabilities include architecture, migration, application development, management, security, and support.
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